Hey all! Today I’m just going to give you a run down of my OOTD for last weekend. I went with my Mum and sister to go and watch my sister compete in dance competitions as she is in a tap trio. The girls won which was awesome but I whipped up a sweet outfit (I actually whipped up two but I forgot to photograph it) so here it goes!

LET’S GET DOWN TO BUSINESS (note the Mulan reference)

This photo is very strangely cropped due to the fact that my sister was in it and I wasn’t really sure if she’d want her face broadcasted to the world. I just went for the usual casual/grunge/typical look today.


Headband- No idea (Mum’s)

Boots- Novo

Blue/green pleather skirt- Glassons

T- Local Thrift Store

Coat- Sportsgirl

Bag- Thrifted


close up of le bag



don’t mind the nose piercing retainer

     Yeah not gonna lie my nose piercing retainer is highly seductive in this picture. Just thought I’d let y’all see what’s on my face! Just your basic brown toned eyeshadow with winged liner, bronzer for contour as well as a nice bright blush. For lips (kinda looks yuck in this photo) it’s a nude lipstick on the outer edges with a coral gloss in the center! 

HEALTH (more like food) 

     I went to a cafe called Rebecca’s at Port Fairy which was awesome! I ordered this lentil burger which is actually more like a falafel. There was also a pumpkin and cous cous burger available which I decided against just because I wasn’t sure how much cous cous there would be in the burger.


     This little beauty here was actually deep fried- which I was not a fan of and the burger wasn’t actually that tasty. However, the salad was so yummy and it was served with this warm, home-made sweet chilli sauce which is soo good. It also came with avocado- one of my true loves. So I was pretty happy. The bread is sourdough but I didn’t eat it so… let’s assume it was yummy.

Hope you enjoyed reading this!

ily a trilly x


I know what you’re thinking… “Whaat? Does the world really need another beauty guru/health guru/makeup ‘artist'” The answer is probably no… it doesn’t but nevertheless here I am. And I am determined to blog my heart out. Woo! I got the idea of starting this blog seeing as I plan on re-starting Beachbody’s INSANITY again. Not as in this is my second round… As in I started and then went on a short holiday when I didn’t eat badly per se, but I wasn’t able to follow my nutrition plan properly so I thought I should start again. I’ve done a week and I’m about to re-do it starting on Friday since tomorrow is my ‘off’ day. So far it’s been super fun seeing as I like a challenge. If you don’t feel like throwing up after a workout you probably didn’t try hard enough. Just kidding- I ain’t that crazy. 

Basically I want to blog my journey through Insanity so that not only can I see my own progress but others can be encouraged by me. As well as the fact this will keep me accountable. The false expectation that someone will read my blog and be sad if I skip and Insanity day will keep me going. 

I also love make-up and fashion but the two are mostly a hobby and I’m unlikely to make a career out of either of those but any cool random outfits I make up and I think are internet worthy or makeup looks I will deffo post them as well. 

Until text time,