INSANITY- the 411

Hey! Thanks for all y’all who have watched the last video. Means a lot. I re-recorded this one and hope it’s better than the last.


Hi Guys!

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Hey Guys,


If you haven’t already guessed this post is about month two of the INSANITY program! Today I did Month two, week two day 2. Wow. That’s a lot of twos! I’ve been meaning to write this post but I wanted to get through week one of month two first so that I’d have a more accurate perspective on how it is. 

I want to write a post about what I wanted to know about month two, how I find it and some tips to prepare during the gap between Month 1 and 2. Just so you know I’m only 18 so my body’s pretty much fresh from the womb and I think that makes Insanity a little easier on me… Not implying anything about you all! 

Okay! Here goes!

1. Is Month 2 hard?

For me, this is the number one question I wanted to know the answer to! I read a lot of threads and blog posts online and the people writing them were saying it’s super hard and it feels like the first week of Insanity (which I’d rather not feel again). After a week I can say that it’s not like the first week of Insanity… For me, the first week was really hard and I was really sore for the whole 6 days after every workout- even the recovery! Starting month two is easier because you’ve done month one. Essentially, the purpose of month 1 is to train for month 2. You get used to pacing and pushing yourself and learn your limits. It’s definitely more challenging than month 1 because of the length and the warm is really hard. Despite all of this, for me, I just do as many reps as I can do and I don’t feel guilty taking that break if it’s necessary. It’s all about quality you know? Just try your best and you’ll get results no doubt!

2. What can I do to prepare for Month 2? 

I know that I said that it wasn’t as hard as I expected it. Perhaps I should have lied because I think psyching myself up thinking it was going to kill me really made me feel relieved after I had done the first workout and didn’t die! During the core cardio and balance week I got really sick. Which is lucky, seeing as it was my rest week. But it kinda stuffed me up. My advice would be to 

a) Don’t slack off in the Core Cardio and balance workouts! Try hard. Shaun says not to burn yourself out etc. but I think that you shouldn’t see that as an invitation not to put in effort. Still sweat. Still pant. Still work. This will make the transition easier. 

b) In order to retain my cardio fitness I re-took up running in the mornings as well as cycling some days. I’d run about 4.5 km if I was running and ride between 6-10km if I was riding. This might seem extreme but I think doing a little extra will help you maintain your fitness. 

c) On top of the above, if I was feeling it I’d do the cardio abs or do some basic strength training (no where near as hard as Insanity). If you’ve heard of the drop 10 workout, it’s a good one to keep up your fitness (100 crunches [abs tight!], 90 jumping jacks, 80 lunges [40 ea. leg], 70 squats, 60 seconds sprinting on the spot, 50 sec plank, 40 jumping jacks, 30 squats, 20 high knees [1 rep = both legs] and 10 push ups). You’ll be so surprised how many reps you can do after working hard in month 1! 

As you can see I still worked hard during my rest week- even though I was sick! I think that this would be a good idea, if you can. It will pay off during Month 2. After everyone else has slacked off and isn’t used to working hard- you’ll still be alright!


This is just my personal experience and what I would advise. What you do should be up to you. Test my theory but if it’s causing you more harm than good then definitely stop. I really should be studying!!! 


Let me know how Month 2 goes!





Sup peeps.

Today is day 3 of my ‘rest’ week and i’m a bit sick today but still managed to do my workout. The core cardio and balance is a pretty fun workout. I like doing the boxing exercises and this one has a fair few. I’ve been trying to keep super active so on top of that i’m running around 5km a day but today will probably do some cycling (20-40 minutes depending on how I feel)

Keep up the good work! I can’t really see any progress… I think the reason there was such a difference in my last photos compared to my first is because they’re taken a month apart. This is only a week! 


completely relaxed


Also completely relaxed.


‘normal’ (slightly contracted… This is how we are when we walk around, are just standing… we’re rarely completely relaxing our core muscles)



Whoop whoop!

Hope this is helping to push you. DIG DEEPER- If I can do insanity any of you can! Unless of course you physically can’t… then I’m sorry… BUT THE REST OF YOU. DO IT!!!


ily a tril.



    Okay guys. Finally got photos. But they’re from today, which is the start of week 4. I am on my second day of week 4 so you can compare these photos to my earlier ones at the very start. I see improvement! Yaaay! I’ve heard that month 2 is really hard and will really whip you into shape. Is this true? If you’ve done month 2 of Insanity I’d love your insight! 

completely relaxed



completely relaxed

     These next photos are of slightly contracted (normal) standing. As in, you know when you’re normally walking, standing around etc. and your abs are slightly contracted? Well… yeah.




i know you can’t really see….


like the ceiling can’t hold us

I’ve come to the realisation that I have a massive bum. Boob to bum ratio is not aligned. 🙂 Oh well. 




Seeing as last time my pancakes were a little on the high calorie side… This is a low calorie version of pancakes!! It’s so yummy and filling I assure that you won’t be disappointed. 🙂

Apple pancakes! (This time under 300 calories)

I/3 cup oats
1 grated apple (I used Fuji)
1 tsp cinnamon
1 egg (or two egg whites)
Pinch of baking powder
1/4 cup almond milk (unsweetened)

Greek yogurt, cinnamon and chia seeds to serve

1. Blend together the oats and cinnamon
2. Add the apple, egg and almond milk. Blend
3. Heat the pan to a medium heat
4. Spray with olive oil
5. Cook Le pancakes… You might have to spray before flipping over as well.
6. Voila! Guilt free pancakes!


what’s in today’s smoothie: grape, berries, celery and spinach

     Hey y’all today I want to talk about a website I found called Simple Green Smoothies. It’s exactly what you think it is: a website about simple green smoothies! It’s run by two women Jadah and Jen who I believe reside in America. It’s a fantastic websites and if you’re interested in health or just love yummy drinks I can highly recommend their website for great tips and tricks for making delicious and healthy smoothies. Click here to go there!

     I subscribed to their mailing service and got a free booklet in PDF form which tells you a few recipes (it’s just a small collection of what’s on their website) as well as a few tips for creating your own flavour. To me, that was the most helpful part because you probably don’t have the exact ingredients listed in any of their recipes. The ingredient I’ve had the most struggles with is kale- what even is it? It’s related to silverbeet but it’s not readily available in Australia yet a lot of American healthy recipes rely on it such as kale chips so until I find kale or a suitable substitute- we will have to do without. That was really off topic. Oops.

Green smoothies are great for a number of things but for me, it’s mainly:

  • They are super easy to make and take a matter of minutes
  • They are yummy and you don’t feel bad drinking it as you would a milkshake
  • Good source of fibre and plant material (so lots of vitamins!)
  • But you don’t feel like you’re just eating a handful of leaves to get these

I think that it’s a really good way to start your day which will leave you feeling inspired and fresh. I usually do Insanity in the mornings but I would not recommend drinking just a smoothie before working out vigorously as it doesn’t contain many carbohydrates so you may get sick. We don’t want that! Today’s my rest day before I re-start Insanity so I’m having a nice relax and a super duper healthy day.

So what they recommend in making your own flavour is to use the following formula:

(Serves 1) 1.5 cups of fruit, 1 cup of leafy greens and 1 cup of liquid

     How easy is that?! You can go to their website to find out more about the recommended ingredients and the benefits of each one but I’ll tell you what I made today. I used a cup of spinach, half a cup each of grapes, frozen blueberries and frozen raspberries and cold water from the fridge as my liquid (as per the photo above). I’ve never added much liquid in my smoothies before but now that I’ve added water I have to say it’s a lot better and easier to drink. You don’t have to have a special smoothie blender- I usually just use a bar-mix-type thing but you can use whatever appliance you see fit. Please give green smoothies a try!

     Are you into the green smoothie movement like I am? Or is it just a fad? Tell me your recipes and other things in the comments!

ily a trilly,




Woo! These are my starting photos for INSANITY. It’s really fun even though it’s so… you know… insane. I imagine it’ll only get harder which is a-ok with me! Yeah it does say minus one up there because if you read my previous post… I accidentally will have to do a week of insanity before I start actual insanity. All will be explained in that post if you go read it.


haters gonna hate…. dayum gurl.. dat mess.


So these were taken on my first day of insanity after the fit test. Just to clarify.

ily a trilly. x


I know what you’re thinking… “Whaat? Does the world really need another beauty guru/health guru/makeup ‘artist'” The answer is probably no… it doesn’t but nevertheless here I am. And I am determined to blog my heart out. Woo! I got the idea of starting this blog seeing as I plan on re-starting Beachbody’s INSANITY again. Not as in this is my second round… As in I started and then went on a short holiday when I didn’t eat badly per se, but I wasn’t able to follow my nutrition plan properly so I thought I should start again. I’ve done a week and I’m about to re-do it starting on Friday since tomorrow is my ‘off’ day. So far it’s been super fun seeing as I like a challenge. If you don’t feel like throwing up after a workout you probably didn’t try hard enough. Just kidding- I ain’t that crazy. 

Basically I want to blog my journey through Insanity so that not only can I see my own progress but others can be encouraged by me. As well as the fact this will keep me accountable. The false expectation that someone will read my blog and be sad if I skip and Insanity day will keep me going. 

I also love make-up and fashion but the two are mostly a hobby and I’m unlikely to make a career out of either of those but any cool random outfits I make up and I think are internet worthy or makeup looks I will deffo post them as well. 

Until text time,