I knoww. I should stop posting but I feel like I need to introduce myself to y’all properly and just give the low down about who I am before I start jumping all over the deep-end of the net. I wasn’t sure how to do this but the caption thingymapoop on my blog says health beauty and fashion. I think that’s a pretty clear mission statement but maybe I’ll expand on each. Later on I’ll probably post some facts about me thingy.




This is a big one. It’s not really about beauty per se- as in aesthetic beauty. It’s more about makeup. I am a big lover of makeup and expression of myself in that way. I love to create new looks and try new makeup trends but I’m also really interested in stage make-up and character makeup. I’m very inspired by people like Promise Phan who do transformation videos. My philosophy has always been that the face is a canvas and your makeup is art- it’s not a way to ‘cover up’ your face which may be you know… like a side effect but you should love makeup first and foremost. LOVE IT. Above is a casual photo of me being big bird at my school formal- or getting ready to be big bird more like. I love love dressing up too! I don’t know how to end this paragraph. fine 



beanie time

Well my second big love is fashion! I’m so materialistic and I love clothes, shoes and fashion all together. I’m all for thrifting and cheap fashion, being the Asian that I am. I do however, appreciate the few pieces of fashion which I will dig into my savings for but I’m not big on buying clothes for the label on them. I don’t have a very crazy fashion sense- I wish I did. It’s actually pretty generic. It’s a weird mix of femininity and grunge and I wouldn’t change it for the world! I hope you all will like my perspective on fashion. Also I love beanies- especially in summer.



classic fitspo photo

Health is more of a recent obsession but I am in love with it! In the past 3 months I’ve been doing cycle class as well as cross fit- each once a week. And even more recently (last month) I’ve been running like crazy! And even more more recently- Insanity. I’m loving my new lifestyle and I’m finding myself feeling a lot better a lot more of the time. I want to write about my experience in this just to encourage those around me and other people looking to make a lifestyle change- It’s well worth it in the long run (no pun intended). As you can see I am not over weight so the purpose of this change is not to lose weight. It is to become stronger. I’ve found that I can do things now I never thought I could and I’m stronger than what I believe I am so I can push harder. It’s a great feeling and I just want to spread it!


May this be a warning to anyone who’s following my blog- this is what you’re in for.

ily a trilly



I know what you’re thinking… “Whaat? Does the world really need another beauty guru/health guru/makeup ‘artist'” The answer is probably no… it doesn’t but nevertheless here I am. And I am determined to blog my heart out. Woo! I got the idea of starting this blog seeing as I plan on re-starting Beachbody’s INSANITY again. Not as in this is my second round… As in I started and then went on a short holiday when I didn’t eat badly per se, but I wasn’t able to follow my nutrition plan properly so I thought I should start again. I’ve done a week and I’m about to re-do it starting on Friday since tomorrow is my ‘off’ day. So far it’s been super fun seeing as I like a challenge. If you don’t feel like throwing up after a workout you probably didn’t try hard enough. Just kidding- I ain’t that crazy. 

Basically I want to blog my journey through Insanity so that not only can I see my own progress but others can be encouraged by me. As well as the fact this will keep me accountable. The false expectation that someone will read my blog and be sad if I skip and Insanity day will keep me going. 

I also love make-up and fashion but the two are mostly a hobby and I’m unlikely to make a career out of either of those but any cool random outfits I make up and I think are internet worthy or makeup looks I will deffo post them as well. 

Until text time,