I knoww. I should stop posting but I feel like I need to introduce myself to y’all properly and just give the low down about who I am before I start jumping all over the deep-end of the net. I wasn’t sure how to do this but the caption thingymapoop on my blog says health beauty and fashion. I think that’s a pretty clear mission statement but maybe I’ll expand on each. Later on I’ll probably post some facts about me thingy.




This is a big one. It’s not really about beauty per se- as in aesthetic beauty. It’s more about makeup. I am a big lover of makeup and expression of myself in that way. I love to create new looks and try new makeup trends but I’m also really interested in stage make-up and character makeup. I’m very inspired by people like Promise Phan who do transformation videos. My philosophy has always been that the face is a canvas and your makeup is art- it’s not a way to ‘cover up’ your face which may be you know… like a side effect but you should love makeup first and foremost. LOVE IT. Above is a casual photo of me being big bird at my school formal- or getting ready to be big bird more like. I love love dressing up too! I don’t know how to end this paragraph. fine 



beanie time

Well my second big love is fashion! I’m so materialistic and I love clothes, shoes and fashion all together. I’m all for thrifting and cheap fashion, being the Asian that I am. I do however, appreciate the few pieces of fashion which I will dig into my savings for but I’m not big on buying clothes for the label on them. I don’t have a very crazy fashion sense- I wish I did. It’s actually pretty generic. It’s a weird mix of femininity and grunge and I wouldn’t change it for the world! I hope you all will like my perspective on fashion. Also I love beanies- especially in summer.



classic fitspo photo

Health is more of a recent obsession but I am in love with it! In the past 3 months I’ve been doing cycle class as well as cross fit- each once a week. And even more recently (last month) I’ve been running like crazy! And even more more recently- Insanity. I’m loving my new lifestyle and I’m finding myself feeling a lot better a lot more of the time. I want to write about my experience in this just to encourage those around me and other people looking to make a lifestyle change- It’s well worth it in the long run (no pun intended). As you can see I am not over weight so the purpose of this change is not to lose weight. It is to become stronger. I’ve found that I can do things now I never thought I could and I’m stronger than what I believe I am so I can push harder. It’s a great feeling and I just want to spread it!


May this be a warning to anyone who’s following my blog- this is what you’re in for.

ily a trilly