I’ve been so slack with uploading blog posts about my INSANITY! progress. That’s how much it’s tired me out. I can’t believe I’ve already done three weeks of this crazy program. Last week was week two and I came to the day where you do cardio abs as well as pure cardio and I’m pretty sure my face was the spitting image of grumpy cat. 

     These photos were taken close to the start of week 2. Yeah it’s not really at consistent intervals but oh well. At least I took photos okay! I’ll take more tomorrow and that can count as the next week. The title is probably more appropriate as the end of week 1. As you can see there are no photos because upon reflection I realized in the ones that I took I was wearing uniform as well as the fact all my sh*t was sprawled all over the floor. Tomorrow for sure! Now off to write a post about pancakes!




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18 year old from Australia. Loves cats.

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