Today I wanted to talk to you all about tattoos. I know that there will be people out there who don’t like tattoos but I don’t think the point of tattoos is to please others… I love art and consider myself, at least a semi-artist. And if I’m going to have my body for the rest of my life, I’d rather it truly represent me. I love the way which tattoos can tell stories but I don’t think that all tattoos have to have a meaning- it can be purely aesthetic! I haven’t got any tattoos yet despite being 18… the reason why? a) I ain’t got enough money. b) I can’t decide what to get first! 

     I have a couple of tattoos which I am considering getting so I’ll post photos of examples of each and then a little explanation as to why I like them and blah blah blah. 


The first one which was my first idea for a tattoo is this cross. I actually would like it on the other side of the same finger as in the photo. I do believe in God so I guess that’s part of it and it’s also a large part of what I believe in in terms of morals etc. There are a lot of bad stereotypes surrounding Christians so I hope that this alone hasn’t swayed your opinion of me. 


I absolutely love this arrow tattoo! I think that I would only get one if I did. It doesn’t really have a meaning. It’s loosely about achieving your goals. You can do anything you aim for you know? 



The next tattoo which I am considering is a compass. After seeing Dani (Who is Sammi from BeautyCrush’s sister) and her compass tattoo and its meaning I fell in love. I think we’ve all had struggles with who we are and things like that. The compass is a symbol of finding who you are. I’d actually prefer a more simple design. Maybe an upwards pointing arrow with an ‘N’, representing true North, which is for me, a symbol of who you are, True North is always True North, and you are always you! 



Yay you can see the source! This is another tattoo which I love. I lied before… This is the first tattoo that I ever wanted. It has little to no meaning… I just think it looks beautiful and feminine. I love it behind the ear as a little detail. 


I’m sure most of you have probably seen this tattoo and I’m not even planning on getting it. It’s just an example of a Disney tattoo. Like most girls Disney was a big part of my childhood and I was in love with Aladdin! I would love to get an Aladdin tattoo but It’d have to be simple… So I’m not sure about that. 


Firstly… I love finger tattoos. And I love all of the ones above but I’d like to draw your attention to the triforce. The triforce is incredibly close to my heart as it was a huge part of my childhood… like massive! I wouldn’t call myself a hardcore Zelda fan but my grandpa introduced my siblings and I to Zelda and I don’t know who I’d be without it. It seems so stupid but it’s a huge part of me. The three components of the triforce also represent my brother, sister and me. Zelda was something that united us… even if we fought over the controller! When we played Zelda it was mostly me and my younger brother so it’s more about him because my sister was very very young. From the length of this paragraph you can tell how much I love this tattoo! I LOVE IT. 


SO CUTE! Yes I want a panda carved into my body with a needle filled with ink. I don’t think I want one this cutesy but I think the general concept is aligned with me. I just want the black facial features. The reason for this is that I love animals and as you probably know, the WWF has a panda as their logo. I’m so passionate about conservation etc. but also human rights so I’d like to find a tattoo to embody that as well. I hope to become a vet some day so I think that reflects this. 



Dear whoever took this photo… it’s terrible quality. I also wanted to get a tattoo of the Egyptian hieroglyphic owl. It’s the letter for ‘M’… which is my initial. I was inspired after my friend got a tattoo of the reed  for her name on her ribs. Also the owl is a symbol of wisdom which relates to my Chinese name as it means ‘poetry and wisdom’. So this tattoo relates to my identity in terms of my name. 

I couldn’t find a photo of this but I would also consider getting a tattoo of the sign or constellation of Gemini. I am a gemini and even though I don’t really ‘believe’ in astrology I think it’s a good symbol. Besides the fact I can be very varying in personality, it’s also about choice. I think that Gemini is a good symbol for the choices we make and the choices I’ve made in the past, a reminder I’ve made good and bad decisions. 


This has been an incredibly long post! Comment which one you like best (if you made it through this post without falling asleep) 


ily a trillyyyy




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